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Family Files Truck Accident Lawsuit

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The family of a Tyson Foods employee who was killed in a trucking accident when he collided head-on with a tractor trailer has filed a lawsuit against Koliha Trucking.

Jeffrey Gronenthal died at the scene of an accident that occurred in the midst of a blinding snowstorm about 9 a.m. three-quarters of a mile west of the junction of highways 81 and 91, according to information released at the time by the Platte County Sheriff’s Department.

The crash occurred during the height of the snowstorm when Gronenthal collided head-on with a semi-tractor trailer driven by Bryan Koliha of Schuyler. Koliha was treated for minor injuries after being transported by Humphrey Rescue Squad to Columbus Community Hospital.

The lawsuit accuses the truck’s driver of failing to keep the vehicle under proper control and failing to maintain a safe rate of speed under hazardous conditions.