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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Crisis

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According to an analysis released by Ralph Nader’s national group, Public Citizen, there is no medical malpractice lawsuit crisis in America. Although, there is a problem with a small group of doctors who make mistakes. The report states that steps should be taken to identify and weed out the doctors that are responsible for the malpractice law suits.

“To improve patient safety and prevent errors, the Public Citizen report urges Congress to establish a national mandatory adverse event reporting system so that hospitals share information that can help them correct faulty systems and practices. To combat medication errors, it recommends that hospitals invest in computer physician order entry systems, which it says would avoid mistakes associated with illegible handwriting and automatically check for errors or bad drug interactions. Fewer than five percent of hospitals have implemented such systems.”

The group also urges Congress to “lift the veil of secrecy” by allowing the public to be able to see what doctors have been sued and what type of medical malpractice they have been sued for. This would help inform people before another medical malpractice suit happens.