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After Making Medical Errors, Seattle Doctor's Suffer Too

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Doctor’s among Seattle are often having sleeping problems, suffering from stress, and are loosing their confidence that is caused by making medical errors.

Patients are not the only ones harmed by medical errors, according to a survey that found many doctors who make mistakes — and even those who come close — suffer stress, sleep problems and loss of confidence.

The survey involved 3,171 doctors in St. Louis, Seattle and Canada who answered mailed or e-mailed questionnaires. Most — 2,909 of them — said they had been involved with a near miss, minor medical error or serious error, which includes mistakes causing permanent or potentially life-threatening harm.
44,000 die annually of medical mistakes

Many of those efforts stem from an influential 1999 report that estimated that at least 44,000 Americans die each year from medical mistakes.

While hospitals are increasingly adopting a more open approach to acknowledging errors, many still fear lawsuits and won’t let doctors even discuss their mistakes, let alone offer them help, Berwick said.

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