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Kroger Recalls Potato Salad in E. Coli Scare

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The Ohio Department of Agriculture in conjunction with Kroger Co announced a recall on August 31 of Kroger Brand Mustard or Southern-Style potato salad with a “Best if used By” Date of September 5th. A sample of the potato salads tested positive for E. coli.

No illnesses have been reported as yet as a result of the E. coli contamination, but consumers are advised to discard any Kroger Mustard or Southern-Style potato salads with the “best if used by” date named above. According to reports, the only areas where potato salads were truly affected were those in western states.

E. coli can cause very serious bacterial food poisoning, especially in certain populations.

For more information on this subject matter, please refer to the section on Defective and Dangerous Products.