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Consumers Not Informed About Homeowners Insurance

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In a resent survey done by the NAIC, they recovered that 33 percent of U.S. heads of household, that own their own home and that have their own homeowners insurance, mistakenly believe that flood damages would be covered by the original homeowners or property and liability policy. After in spite of a widespread of media coverage on Hurricane Katrina victims whose claims were denied because they lacked flood insurance.

A large percentage of U.S. homeowners mistakenly believe that standard homeowners insurance protects them from a wide array of perils, according to new research by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), which hosted its summer conference this week in San Francisco. The NAIC survey also revealed other homeowner misunderstandings relating to common loss situations — none of which are covered by standard homeowners insurance policies — such as:

-68 percent think vehicles such as cars, boats and motorcycles stolen from or damaged on their property are covered.

-51 percent think damages from a break in the water line on their property supplying water to their home are covered.

-37 percent think damages due to a break in the sewer line on their property that connects to their municipal sewer system are covered.

-35 percent think damages from earthquakes are covered.

-34 percent think damages from mold are covered.

-31 percent think damages from termites or other infestation are covered.

-22 percent think pets stolen from or injured on their property are covered.