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Texting While Driving Causing More Accidents Every Year

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After seven tireless years Democratic lawmakers think this year that they can finally push House Bill 1214 through. They now realize this is bill is needed more than ever, people are not just talking on cellphones anymore; they are texting too and causing many accidents.

“A five-car pileup on Interstate 5 in December caused by a driver typing on a BlackBerry has fueled interest in bills regulating the use of wireless devices on the road, said House Majority Leader Lynn Kessler, D-Hoquiam.”

Joyce McDonald, R-Puyallup said, “I realize how much attention it takes [to text message while driving], and I found out they were doing routinely while driving. If you can imagine reading and writing while operating a vehicle, you see the distraction is too dangerous.”

In 2005 the University of Utah found that drivers who talked on cell phones were 18 percent slower at coming to a complete stop in a minimal amount of time than other drivers. In 2006 the same University found that people talking on a cellphone were as impaired as a driver with a 0.08% alcohol level (which is the legal limit in Washington State.