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Skydiving Plane That Crashed Found, No Survivors

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A missing skydiving plane was located Monday, October 8 at around 7:40 PM in the rugged central Washington Cascades. None of the nine passengers or the pilot were found alive. The plane went missing en route to Shelton, Washington, northwest of Olympia and was returning from a skydiving meet. Searchers were able to verify that the wreckage they found was the missing aircraft by the serial number on the plane.

Based on radar transmissions and a hunter’s report of seeing a plane flying low Sunday evening and then hearing a crash, the search was focused on a steep, densely forested area near White Pass, about 45 miles west of Yakima.

When the plane was located rescuers noted that the tail of the plane was separated from the rest of the body. The tail has still not been found. The names of the passengers have not been released yet.

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